This morning's Good Morning America interview of Herman Rosenblat, the big liar author of fabricated Holocaust love story and 'memoir' Angels at the Fence, is even more entertaining than the earlier leaked footage.

Rosenblat, as you saw in the earlier clip, is basically like "No it didn't actually happen in reality, but it's not a lie, because I believe it happened in my imagination, okay." And various other pablum showing himself to be a man with no remorse whatsoever. The official GMA clip has two nice bonus parts: first, the producer of the upcoming movie based on Rosenblat's lie is constantly interrupting the interview, and gets in the front of the camera to offer his own defense; and at the very end, poor Diane Sawyer simply cannot believe the story she has just heard. And she just got back from Appalachia, so she's seen a lot! Watch it all here.