Deadline Hollywood reports that Endeavor—A-list Hollywood dealmaking nexus and after-hours playground to adult-diapered scenester photographers—is negotiating a merger with WMA, a marriage that would produce the all-powerful Whamdeavor!™ agency. (They're not married to the name.)

From their report:

[T]alks have heated up between upstart Endeavor and venerable William Morris to the point where I'm being told the odds are "70/30" that the two agencies will do a merger deal...I hear Ari Emanuel may run the combined agency as long as Jim Wiatt gets a fancy title and an uber-lucrative contract.

A stumbling economy can make for strange bedfellows, for as recently as six months ago WMA would likely have never even entertained Emanuel's offer of a $300 gas card and unlimited Netflix subscription in exchange for their reality-show-packaging contract clearinghouse. The consolidation of the William Morris mailroom with the Endeavor kitchen supply closet will provide Hollywood with one agent-launching hotbed, producing a baby-gobbling army estimable enough to finally defeat the evil CAA Death Star. Their ability to offer no interruption in their parking validation service will be but the final coup de grâce.