It's not just angry rightwingers who mix up "Obama" and "Osama." Yahoo News has joined CNN and the Associated Press in confusing the most powerful man in the world with his terrorist enemy.

Here's the latest goof:

Science takes on terror hunt
A geographer uses innovative analysis to narrow Obama bin Laden's location to three sites.

That's some innovative analysis! Yahoo's news producers join a long line of Obama-Osama flubbers. In January 2007, a CNN on-air graphic for a story about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, the Al Qaeda founder, asked, "Where's Obama"? The network apologized.

During the campaign, Republican candidate Mitt Romney repeatedly confused Barack Obama's last name with Osama Bin Laden's first one. They rhyme, after all. Last April, AP board chairman Dean Singleton made the same mistake, referring to the hunt for "Obama Bin Laden," prompting a jocular rebuke by Obama.