White House photographer Pete Souza takes lovely pictures of President Obama making Hope happen, but sometimes his gorgeous compositions look like stifling, paranoid scenes of a man trapped in a nightmare.

These are his pictures of Obama selling the Stimulus Package. Look closely and you can hear a florescent light buzzing somewhere, for no reason.

Two men in suits in an oddly shaped room with bizarre antiquated furnishings, a symbolic bowl of apples, spooky portraits on the wall. One reclines with his eyes closed in serene satisfaction, the other hides his face from the camera. Economic recovery, whoo!

Where is he going? Who's that other guy and what is he doing??

Ack, that disconcerting angle! And where are we, the hotel from Barton Fink?

Nothing says "Lynchian" like bathing your protagonist in eerie, unnatural blue light from an unseen source! More like 1600 Muholland Drive, right?