Entertainment Weekly continues its embarrassing plunge into Twilight blowjobbery. They have yet another cover this week featuring the vampire movie's be-shagged leads. This one's a lame stretching-it story about a book about the movie.

We whined about this earlier, but this is particularly egregious. The shitty movie, based on the even shittier ladynerd wish-fulfillment books, came out months ago. It's a complete non-story. A source at the magazine tells us that the Twilight covers have been some of the magazine's bestselling ever, and lord knows magazines need big sellers these days. But these easy-sells are being done with a complete lack of style or nuance. It's just a cafeteria lunchlady slopping some weird brown gloop on your plate and saying "voila!"

The magazine has been slipping in quality across the board of late (au revoir, dear Gillian Flynn), and this Twilight nonsense has become the shining avatar of all of its failures. Maybe they should pull the print plug after all.

If you like to deal in alternate realities, TV Addict imagines the cover that could have been. This one features another of EW's favorites, Joss Whedon. Too bad they didn't. He really could have used the attention

Ah well. I guess there's nothing we can do but eagerly await the next Twihard-friendly cover in a few weeks. Maybe a "Rob Pattinson Haircut Watch." Or "Kristen Stewart's Shocking Production Emails" ("Today I acted shy. Tomorrow I'm acting shy.") Or maybe even "Werewolf Shits in Woods."