Sarah Palin has famously opposed sex-ed programs other than "abstinence education." Funny, then, that daughter Bristol was on Fox News tonight saying abstinence is "not realistic at all."

Bristol scheduled an interview with mom's pandering BFF Greta Van Susteren of Fox News. But she didn't tell mom until 24 hours before, probably because she was planning to personally insult Jesus, and the former Republican vice presidential nominee would not like it.

After describing the difficulty of being a teen mom, Britsol told Van Susteren abstinence is the best policy, but is not realistic because it's not the 19th Century any more, not even in Alaska.

She said she didn't "want to get into detail about" other reasons abstinence is unrealistic, though we're guessing it might be because Bristol failed to control her teenaged hormones and, being without ready access to condoms, got pregnant at 17 to an ill-tempered failed hockey player who has yet to finish high school or, judging from what Bristol told Fox, secure employment of any sort, other than doing odd jobs for his father.

Still, Bristol wants all teens to try really hard not to have sex of any sort, because you'll end up like her, sitting across from Greta Van Susteren and explaining that "eventually" you'd "like to get married" to your the father of your child, to whom you are supposed to be engaged. And that you'd especially like to get married to that person if someone in your family needs to run for a federal office of some sort. (OK, she never said that last part. But it was implied.)