Because the Jackson Family's collective behavior apparently isn't bizarre enough on its own, Marlon Jackson is backing a slavery theme park and resort in Nigeria. Doesn't this sound fun:

Visitors would be able to visit a replica slave ship and walk the route their shackled ancestors walked before playing a round of golf or relaxing by a pool.

There's also Jackson Five tie-in, obviously, including a collection of band memorabilia. There are also holograms, robots and probably some kind of horribly ill-advised Captain EO-meets-Roots laser movie thing. The idea is to attract African Americans who want to trace back their roots, and white people looking for the money they were promised on email.

Historians are aghast, and one critic said the proposed development is "like dancing on the graves of dead people," which totally isn't true. It's like building a pricey, zombie-themed nightclub on the graves of dead people, complete with bottle service, and making relatives of the deceased pay an exorbitant cover charge to come visit. Then you get in and Michael Jackson is dancing with the skeleton of the Elephant Man. (Except that's something we'd actually pay to experience. Otherwise, same thing.)