Hugo Lindgren was Adam Moss' first hire at New York magazine, following Moss over from the NYT magazine. Now Lindgren is one of New York's bloggers. They sure take this "blogging" thing seriously!

Moss hired deputy editor Lindgren away from the NYT mag, where he "co-founded [god damn] 'The Way We Live Now section, one of the hallmarks of Mr. Moss' editorship there." Lindgren and Moss are soulmates, in other words. So the fact that he's been blogging just about every day lately is as good a sign as any that New York knows that its blogs are the future.

One problem: Lindgren's whole schtick in "The Downturnaround" is to show the bright side of the recession. Today, for example, he pulls one paragraph out of an Atlantic cover story to show "How the Financial Crisis is Good for New York"—namely, that all the I-bankers will go broke and stop buying all the best real estate. Which is nice and all, but hardly enough to make up for the fact that you're unemployed and real estate of any sort is a fantasy, because you sleep in the subway, as long as you can hop the turnstile, because you have no money for a fare card, but luckily the economic downturn means that there are no cops left to arrest you for fare-jumping, but the downside is you now have to fight off the armies of marauding subway mole-people all by yourself.

Why not let New York enjoy its pessimism in peace, Lindgren? [Pic: Flickr]