Julia Restoin-Roitfeld has a problem, the Gothamite daughter of Carine Roitfeld said in a Page Six Magazine video: being "over-the-top sexy." She fixes this with punky outfit flourishes.

If the freelance art and creative director sounds a little bit cocky, consider that her mom, who edits French Vogue, is considered "the most stylish woman in the world," not to mention a more chic and natural version of her American counterpart, Anna Wintour.

Twenty-eight-year-old Julia doesn't take all the talk about her mom seriously. "We don't know where it's coming from," she says of the rumors about her mom replacing Wintour. "She waves a hand dismissively to signify that there's no truth to the talk," Page Six Magazine's Stephanie Trong adds in her profile of Julia.

Julia does, however, speak "impeccable" English and dress as exquisitely as expected for a woman bred to be a Parisian fashion plate. She meets Trong on a "ruthlessly frigid" January morning wearing an Alexander Wang skirt, tights and high-heeled ankle boots, in which she walked for seven blocks. Being French, she plays it off as no big thing.

She is, by the way, freshly single, and has trouble meeting people. Her hobbies include moving into her new place in Chelsea, going to Southside in Nolita, ordering Domino's pizza and making videos about how to avoid being too sexy (see below). Won't some gallant New York gentleman teach this sad, lonely, excessively sexy French woman how to procure a proper pie?

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