We feel your pain, hysterical Cathay Pacific passenger lady. In a way, everyone, somewhere inside, has missed a Hong Kong to San Francisco flight, and felt like staging an impromptu Chinese opera.

Strained emotions are, after all, an increasingly inevitable side effect of the absurdist drama that is modern airport security. Airline cost-cutting only makes matters worse.

The hitch: The worse your tantrum, the more likely you are to be recorded on someone's cell phone cam and humiliated globally on YouTube. Just ask bus uncle.

UPDATE: A reader tells us everyone in the video is speaking Cantonese. "They're trying to console her, then she starts yelling at her husband (i think) that he should have checked in first, because he could have told them that one more person was on her way." Ha! Any further Cantonese tidbits (in English pls!) to tips@gawker.com.

UPDATE: Thanks to "Michael" for his wife's transaltion, pasted in the comments here.