Lindsay Lohan's Valentine's Day got off to an awesome start at 1 AM Saturday: A fight on the streets of Nolita, trailed by paparazzi and a reporter for the New York Post.

Adding new details to an earlier Post item, \Justin Rocket Silverman blogs that he was outside a party for Charlotte Ronson at the Eldridge when he saw Lohan girlfriend Samantha Ronson storm out, "a scowl on her face." Lindsay soon followed, chasing after Ronson. Silverman soon followed, notebook in hand, following the fighting couple. By just "a few steps."

At one point Samantha stopped in the middle of Houston Street and said something in a whisper.

"What are you talking about?" shrieked Lindsay in response, "I've been with you all night!"

The couple disappeared into the Bowery Hotel, and Silverman did some reflecting.

As I strolled away, I was struck by two things. First- how painful it must be to have a lover [Ronson] who is so much older, and probably more emotionally mature, toy with your heart and mind.

Second- how identical Lindsay Lohan's screams sounded to the drunken female cries I hear every night outside my East Village window.

As we read Silverman's Post post, we were struck by two things. First, how painful (yet denial-piercing) it must be to have an intrepid reporter document one's inaugural Valentine's Day blow-out fight.

Second, why was a pin-up like Silverman working on the gossip beat on Valentine's? Still single, apparently. Sigh. We did our best, Rocketman.