Not even usually scruplesless LA PR flacks are immune to the public outcry over Nadya Suleman, that lady who made science give her 14 children. She's been dropped by the pair that was representing her.

Joann Killeen and her husband and partner Mark Furney have decided to drop their high-profile, extreme IVF client after receiving threatening phone calls and letters. Killeen told the Los Angeles Times:

The American public has just lashed out. I think it has to do with the economy, healthcare ... there are not a lot of jobs, people are unemployed and are trying to take care of their families.

This doesn't bode well for anyone (including Nadya?) hoping for a reality show version of this whole ugly circus, as the court of public opinion coming down so harshly doesn't really equal high ratings, especially for a feel-good network like supersize family aficionados TLC. A rep for that network says that they're "waiting to see what happens next." Though, we kinda already know, don't we? Oprah! It's inevitable. And then a cheesy, terrible book. Or maybe book first. Oh how will it go??

I don't think they will give her a show at this point. It's just too much. Though, they do employ that crazy Duggar family. So who knows.