Well, at least one other person had a lonely little Valentine's Day. Celebrated widestanced actress Kathleen Turner. A tipster saw her dining out last night, table for one.

She ordered a salad and didn't like something that was in it because she kept flinging something out of it into a small plate again and again. The whole time she read a book, and no one approached her.

She made bold, grand gestures as she ate and read to the tables around her, but no one paid her any attention at all. My friends and I were seated at the opposite side of the restaurant, however, and we took several cell phone pics of her when she wasn't looking :)

Final verdict - she was extremely nice to her waitress, and we gays were way too chicken to approach her. She was also, strangely, much prettier in the restaurant than she was on stage!

Because this is the modern age, the tipster also took the above photo. Happy Valemtime's Day.