Just as we try shattering everyone's hopes about landing that editorial dream job, mythical Vogue editor Anna Wintour goes looking for some new assistants! This is the launching pad to success, right? Ha.

Jessica Coen gets email evidence that two of Wintour's assistants are leaving, and she needs some replacements who are "Smart, well-educated, calm, etc." ("Etc.= "nonviolent, and without any aspirations of writing a screenplay").

So is editorial assistanship still a pathway to the stars? No, it never really was. But now you can't even pretend that it's a Devil Wears Prada-esque, tough and unforgiving but glamorous job, because a new reality show about Marie Claire assistants is revealing the truth. At least in subtext:

In reality, dozens of interns come through the offices of Marie Claire each year, only to discover that the job entails nothing more interesting than carrying garment bags and making copies, and that editors, who can be unpredictable, comical, superficial beings, can also be terribly dull.

The one ray of hope: if you do land that Wintour assistant spot and then use the opportunity to leak to us on a daily basis, there is one (1) all-expenses-paid pizza in it for you, with toppings of your choice. (Up to three).