In your fiery Friday media column: The Post has a bad cover day, Chuck Todd is mad as hell and can't take it any more, a reporter makes the grave mistake of believing the internet, and more!

A late-breaking plane crash leads to an unfortunate juxtaposition of covers for the New York Post. They fixed it online. These things happen. [EV Grieve]

Chuck Todd, NBC's goateed new White House correspondent, is already burned out on this White House press corps bullshit! Even new president Change O'Hope has no use for the reporters: "Today, it was so bad that we were kept behind closed doors so that these CEOs and other business leaders could leave without accidentally mingling with us poor press peons." Today is the day Chuck Todd realizes he should have kept his old job. That was quick.

Hard times: the Connecticut state government cancels all of its magazine subscriptions, saving the state $40,000. That's a lot of magazine subscriptions? How many copies of Bridgeport Living do you really need?

Oh, come on now: the Phoenix New Times wrote, edited, and published an entire cover story based on a satirical blog post saying the NBA was going to limit how many tattoos players could have. Not some meta-deconstruction, but a story about this tattoo cap and how it's going to affect, you know, NBA players. The NBA itself never called them back, so they just went with it!

Conde Nast cancels plans to launch a Japanese edition of Glamour, sending Japan spiraling back into a purely agrarian lifestyle, based upon barter.