Last month, we offered the amuse bouche of a Nip/Tuck patient requesting a Tyrannosaurus Prick-reduction. Now that the episode has aired, we're thrilled to present the extended version. (That's what she said.)

Actually, we have a huge beef with the logic here: Apparently the guy is so hung, and so flexible, that he spends all day engaged in auto-fellatio. It's ruined his life—he can't hold down a job, and he can't stay in a relationship, because all he wants to do is go down on himself. He's requesting a penis reduction so he won't be able to suck himself off anymore. But then he offers a demonstration, which requires him to throw his legs around his head. Come on! That's how average-equipped amateurs do it. If he was really that huge, he could just tilt his head down and go to town. Are we right or are we right, Phyllis J. McGuire? Thank you.