We doubt Apple will sign this guy up for an endorsement deal, but Mullah Zaif, a former Taliban official, raved about his iPhone to Al Jazeera correspondent Hamish McDonald during a visit in Kabul.

I asked Zaif about his gadget. His response was pretty much the same as everyone who owns an iPhone.

"I'm addicted," he said, "the internet is great on this, very fast."

He proceeded to show myself and our film crew his favourite websites. I half expected him to log on and show us 'Taliban Twitter'.

Just a year ago, the Taliban was threatening to blow up cell-phone towers if wireless operators didn't observe a curfew, ostensibly to prevent attacks by the American military. Which was a bit silly, since the U.S. Army has access to satellite phones. Of course, the Taliban didn't have a technophile like Zaif advising them back then. When the conservative religious movement ruled Afghanistan, it banned almost all modern technologies.

(Photo via Al Jazeera English)