Obama campaign manager David Plouffe pissed off the prim DC media (and revealed himself to be kind of an ass!) when he demanded that a speech he was giving today be off the record.

Plouffe was a keynote speaker at some Politico event in Georgetown, but at the last minute announced to the assembled media that his speech would be TOP SECRET.

The decision to close his remarks led Politico, the co-sponsor of the rest of the two-day "Transition 2009" conference, to drop its co-sponsorship of the Plouffe portion of the event.

Yea, you there, Plouffe—weren't you the dude who came up with all that "Change" shit? Whatever dude. Don't want your secret "How to have an awesome presidential transition" tips to get out before your book? Whatever dude. With all those fucking fundraising emails you sent to every citizen of America, the least you can do is not do Karl Rove impressions.

Whatever dude.

This brouhaha caused Dana Milbank, the Washington Post's designated Funny Guy, to stage a minor anti-Plouffe protest, as pictured. Milbank's on the right side here, and, to be honest, I always thought he was a pretty decent writer. But there's no denying he has that kind of face that just makes you want to tell him to SHUT UP.

Here's an idea, press corps: Just report his speech anyhow. Fuck 'em. Nobody would even would have cared if it was on the record. Now, every word is sure to come out regardless. On the blogs! [The Note]