Alexandra Penney—the stupendously un-self-aware once-rich former magazine editor and sex book author who lost all her money to Bernie Madoff and became our favorite blogger—has a book deal! "Notorious" is the new "Deserving."

We must salute Penney for what we would have thought was an impossible accomplishment: actually erasing the public's natural sympathy towards a fraud victim. But her fearful ruminations over the prospect of having to iron her own shirts or sell the vacation cottage have resonated with, uh, wealthy publishers:

"I think she's really struck a nerve," said Ellen Archer, publisher of Hyperion. "There are a lot of us, even those of us with paychecks, who are worried that we can end up on the streets. Even those of us who haven't invested with Bernie Madoff have taken a lot of financial hits and watching her navigate these difficult waters provides a lot of people with reassurance."

Penney reportedly got "a nice amount of money," so, hey, success story. Also we hear the even more notorious "Dating a Banker Anonymous" ladies have signed on with Janklow & Nesbit in pursuit of their own book deal, and you can be sure Octo-mom is working on a book deal, and that reminds us, what is Emily Brill up to these days? Etc.

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