Look, we'll be the first to say we love a good Jews Fight Back movie.

We've committed entire Munich exchanges to memory ("We can't afford to be that decent anymore." "I don't know if we were ever that decent.") and plan on dedicating our next camping weekend to the brave men and women of Defiance. But after considering the sneak preview evidence, we think Inglourious Basterds has stretched this particular cinematic subgenre past its breaking point, its splinters sent hurtling into the realm of Hebe hate-porn. We're not sure at what point we turned on this ET Exclusive—oh, who are we kidding, yes we do: It was the moment we saw B. J. Novak's face delivering a ferocious "YES SIR!" to Lt. Aldo Raine's SS-mutilating marching orders. Then there's Eli Roth decapitating an Aryan with a baseball bat. No, Jewsploitation fans that we are, we can't muster the will to take this shit seriously, even on an ironic level. Brad's accent sounds too fucking stupid. [ET Online]