· Kevin James and Adam Sandler will join Chris Rock, Rob Schneider and David Spade in a Columbia comedy about "five best friends from high school who reunite 30 years later on July 4th weekend."

This will be the first time the former SNL co-stars and new recruit James appear together in one movie, offering the public a safe and convenient cineplex quarantining program. [Variety]
· Anthony Hopkins and Josh Brolin are the first to be cast in Woody Allen's next ensemble film, set to shoot in London this summer. We hope Josh plays Woody's nebbish alter ego. [Variety]
· An "abysmal third quarter" sent Lionsgate's stock tumbling to a six-year low. "The primary contributor to this quarter's loss, as well as the shortfall for the year, is the significant underperformance of our feature film business," said Jon Feltheimer during a conference call with analysts. Asked by one analyst what might be the fiscal outcome of producing better movies, Feltheimer paused for a long moment, then told him he'd get back to him. [Variety]
· Wilmer Valderrama is developing a comedy for Nickelodeon called Earth to Pablo, a sort of Latin-American ALF about "a normal family that ends up with a teenage space alien instead of the South American exchange student they had expected." [THR]
· More HBO pilot castings: Aleksa Palladino, Paul Sparks, Shea Whigham and Anthony Laciura join the cast of Martin Scorsese's Boardwalk Empire. Rob Brown will star in another pilot, Treme (now is that Treme as in crème, or Treme as in cream?), about "a post-Katrina-themed drama that chronicles the rebuilding of New Orleans through the eyes of local musicians." [THR]