It's always the question when a husband goes bad: How could the wife not know? Massachusetts officials say Ruth Madoff took $15.5 million out of husband Bernie Madoff's firm shortly before his arrest.

According to the complaint filed Wednesday, Ruth Madoff pulled out $5.5 million on November 25 and another $10 million on December 10, the day that Bernie Madoff confessed his $50 billion Ponzi scheme to their sons, who both worked at his securities firm. He was arrested the next day. Ruth Madoff and her brother-in-law, Peter Madoff, posted $10 million in bail — which suggests that she might have used some of the money she withdrew the day of his confession to keep her husband out of jail. She also ran the numbers for the firm. Government officials investigating the case have not charged her with anything, but they have taken away her passport as a possible flight risk.

(Photo by via New York Social Diary)