Courage; Good Judgment; The confidence to forge ahead. These are just a few of the attributes that businessmen who own private jets possess. Frugal businessmen who've given up their jets, however, are bitch-ass punks.

So says Cessna! If you "read between the lines" a bit. The private plane manufacturer's new ad campaign has one very simple and straightforward message: all you nancies who got rid of your jets because of the so-called "economy" probably enjoy being slapped around by a little girl, with your own balls.

In a campaign to begin Wednesday, Cessna Aircraft Co. will run an ad that says, "Pity the poor executive who blinks," and gets rid of the company jet. "One thing is certain: true visionaries will continue to fly."

Cessna itself is getting murdered by this recession, and they're throwing the majority of their marketing budget into this campaign. Which, just to reiterate: Get rid of your jet, what? I suppose you prefer flying coach, next to a limp-wristed Martha Stewart aficionado, with whom you can discuss your favorite tea sandwich recipes, because that is the type of executive that you are. Does the power of the phallus-shaped Cessna Citation intimidate you?

Private planes: for the rich prick who likes PR nightmares. [WSJ]