We can't say ET seems an entirely logical place to unveil Inglourious Basterds (Mary Hart: "Looks exciting, Mark! And now from Nazi scalps to Nazi scallops, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck previews his Oscar menu etcetc.")

In any case, here's a teaser of tonight's official Basterds footage debut, offering a taste of all the goosestep-activated tripwire excitement and Nazi-scalping fun to come. (We have a feeling the first time this aired at the Pitt-Jolie's, it was followed by a lengthy father-son talk in which Brad explained to a worked-up Maddox, "Nazis don't exist anymore, and even if they did, you wouldn't have my permission to scalp them.")

Also revealed: the projects' official logo. But don't be surprised if the final one-sheets replace the Nazi eagles and swastikas with smiley-faced dingbats and a variety of stick-figures representing Brad Pitt and his men in a rowboat. [ET Online]