Today we have a cheater from Oz, an old lady giving young boys anal sex stimulants, a royal and a foreign actress, and a gay TV star.

1) "Which beauty's marriage dissolved when she was caught having an affair with a man Down Under? Her husband wasn't bothered that she was pregnant with the other man's child - just that she was indiscreet." [NYDN]

2) "Which aging actress shocked party goers by casually pulling out a bottle of poppers from her designer handbag and offering it around to a host of young boys?" [Mirror]

3) "So this Royal personage had a recent breakup and the reason for it might be the fact that this foreign born C list actress with one huge movie and one great nominated role was not exactly discreet when she was talking about her relationship with him and what they had done and when." [CDaN]

4) "Two of the female leads of this soon-to-be-cancelled television show have moved in together into an apartment near the Sunset Strip. An even bigger surprise, however, is that one of the male stars of the same show may finally be coming out of the closet. It's rather odd timing, though. It certainly would have made more headlines if he had done it while the show was still on the air. And this guy loves the headlines." [BlindGossip]