A purported domestic abuser, famous, gets in trouble with the law. Soon, police are chasing a white car on TV. No wonder Los Angelenos thought Chris Brown was in this Bentley.

They were having OJ Simpson flashbacks!

Never mind that Brown's girlfriend Rihanna escaped a well-publicized Sunday morning fight with a couple of bruises on her face, while Simpson's alleged victims both died. No, people saw a pricey car with out-of-state plates on the news, heard the driver was wanted for assaulting his girlfriend with a deadly weapon, and that the chase started in Hollywood, and presto: internet rumor that R&B singer Brown was in a televised police chase.

The gossip is circulating on email, Facebook and various blogs. But LAist and KTLA quote the police as saying the driver is not a high-profile celebrity — which means not Brown.

One LA TV station is reporting the driver is this rapper, DJ Khaled, according to LAist. But — whoops — we're pretty sure saying so is how internet rumors spread.

UPDATE:In this episode of MTV's "Cribs," DJ Khaled shows off his cars, including a baby-blue Bentley and, off to the right in this screen cap, what appears to be a white Bentley like the one in the police chase:

There's also this apparent photo of the driver, who resembles Khaled. If you want to go deeper into this thing, there's already a special Twitter stream.

Thanks to Hunter Walker for the screencap and all the pointers.

(Photo via LAist)