Looking for that elusive, one-of-a-kind resource to help you attain Ben Lyons's dizzying heights of film literacy? Oh. Well, he's revealed his secret anyway.

The best part: You don't even need to go to the movies. Just have a sponsorship from the video-game industry, apparently:

I recommend Scene It? Box Office Smash for Xbox. It helps me improve my movie knowledge, and it's a lot of fun to play either alone or with some of the homies when they come over. With Xbox Live it downloads new questions all the time over the Internet, so no matter how many times I play it, it always has new puzzles and questions. The material is sometimes really challenging, even for someone like me who watches about 300 films a year. Even if you're not as big a fan of movies as I am, the anagrams and games within the game are a lot of fun. I challenge anybody who dares to step into The Lyons Den to a game of Scene It? on Xbox... Let's get it on!

Only if the "homies" play along, Ben. Recruit Keira Knightley for a round or two and we're in.