Peaches Geldof's great New York experiment has ended in shambles. She's divorcing her American Green Card-securing hubby, is rumored to be shacking up with a new fellow, and is maybe moving back to London.

Six months ago, the 19-year-old mostly-useless heiress and writer, sorta married a musician named Max Drummey in Las Vegas and moved to Brooklyn. She was escaping the winding, paparazzi-besotted streets of London for a city that hardly knew her. How exciting! How real.

But she eventually started to make a name for herself Stateside, writing a weekly column for Nylon and appearing in many an American gossip page, with increasing frequency. And then it all came crashing down. She announced her separation from Drummey over the weekend, and has apparently taken up with another musician, this one named Donald Cumming.

While she is supposedly looking for a new apartment in New York, she will still keep splitting her time between here and the UK. And we wouldn't be surprised if, just before walks down the ramp onto the plane from Heathrow, she remembers this city's sad, shuffling populace-in-recession and decides to stay in jolly old. And then the great adventure that was "Peaches Geldof Comes to America" will fade into the distance, just a dream some of us had.