When you think of "Hot Celebrities Who Provoke Bidding Wars Among Publishers," the first name that springs to mind is "Diane Keaton." Her barely-sketched book idea is sure to recoup all those millions:

Apparently there was a big battle amongst top-flight publishing houses to land the memoir of one of the top supporting actresses in Father of the Bride. Random House has prevailed, the Observer reports. The price, they deduce: somewhere north of $2 million. For that, Random House gets this:

William Morris agent Bill Clegg, who sold Ms. Keaton's book and presided over the meetings, said last Monday that Ms. Keaton's book "could be an enduring book about mothers and daughters and the choices that women of her generation and her mother's could make and did."

Yes, it could be. Just leave some room to tell the world what Mandy Moore is really like, and everything should be fine. [NYO]