If Tom Cruise went to Brazil, drank some Matte Leão, and then threw the cup out, you'd want someone to dig it out of the trash and sell it to you, right?

Well, a seller on a Portugese-language online auction site hopes you would. Cruise and his Scientologist clan were vacationing in Brazil recently, failing horribly at blending in with the locals and, supposedly, enjoying the tea-like beverage. An empty cup of the stuff is up for sale on the internet. Though one commenter on the site says that it's a fake, the seller did post pictures of himself retrieving the cup from the garbage. So, you know, it must be real.

Right now the selling price is up to about $2,200. Which is a steal! His DNA could be on it, which would mean you could make clones. Though, as we learned in Multiplicity, making clones of clones is rarely a good idea.