Another day, another reason for the simmering rage of the proletariat to explode in revolutionary anger against the rich! Even more rich, rich Wall Street bastards have pulled shady real estate stunts. The rage; it burns!

Failed Lehman Bros. exec "Dick" Fuld wasn't the only rich, rich guy to shelter his multimillion-dollar home from creditors by putting it in his wife's name. Two other rich, rich failed execs have done so as well. Three's a trend, even if you have to go back in time for it:

—Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli put his LA mansion in his wife's name last year. Nardelli is the dude who got paid more than $200 million to leave Home Depot, after sucking it up there royally.

—Super big failed former Merrill Lynch CEO Stan O'Neal did this with his Westchester mansion a couple years back.

To screw the little guy! To be able to live in their fancy houses forever while their creditors lose! To not pay what they owe! Hey, if you try doing that on your bills they throw you in jail. These rich fucks just get away with it, what is that? Jerks!

Today's class resentment brought to you by the New York Post. Pic via.