Are you an American Jew considering a move to Israel? Good for you! Hope you haven't ever blogged any mild criticisms of Israeli policy, though!

Like maybe you're some dude with a diary at Talking Points Memo, and while you've visited Israel 70 times before, and your sister lives in Haifa, you have maybe blogged once or twice about your reservations about a new Israel government and the stalling of the peace process. You might be on a list!

Landing at Ben Gurion we were quickly moved to an interrogation room.

Two gentlemen (I assume they were Shin Bet but they never said) questioned us for 90 minutes about my blog postings on Israel, some of which I recognized from TPM. They had a significant volume of printouts and asked detailed questions about my criticisms of Israel.. Finally in exasperation I told them - "For G-d's sake, I am no Norm Finkelstein". Bad move - they immediately started questioning me on my relationship with Finkelstein and seemed unmoved by my denials of ever meeting the man. Finally, they said we could enter Israel but we "better watch our step". I was not terribly bothered by the interrogation but my wife was extremely upset by it.

But of course it was all misunderstanding and it turned out the 64-year-old blogger was not a threat to Israel's existence, probably. Until he moves there and undermines the probable Netanyahu government from the inside.