She's old now too. It was her 40th birthday over the weekend, and her heartbreaker/lovemaker boyfriend Johny Mayer sang "Happy Birthday" to the actress at her bday bash. Tom Hanks was there!

  • Everyone agreed that it was nice of everyone to show up so poor Jen wouldn't just be sitting alone on her couch gulping wine, like she's done for all her other birthdays. Well, not all the guests. "[My wife] Rita [Wilson] told me we were going to Disneyland," complained Tom Hanks. "But then she pulled in here and I was like 'Aww, what the fuck?' Jen's just so... needy." [Gatecrasher]
  • Joining the stellar cast for this season of Dancing With the Stars will be forgotten funnyman David Alan Grier, one-time US Poet Laureate Jewel Kilcher, big fat computer nerd Steve Wozniak, and some naked dude from the Sex and the City movie. [Us]
  • Joaquin Phoenix, mumbling actor turned mumbling rapper, says that he looks scruffy and pudgy and all around gross on purpose: "It's been important for me to just do something that's extreme - that really separates me from that public Joaquin Phoenix persona, whatever the f*** that is. Or maybe I'm just lazy." [Showbiz Spy]
  • A disgruntled rapper named Mark Curry has written a book called Dancing With the Devil: How Puff Burned the Bad Boys of Hip-Hop about how Puffy P. Diddy-Daddy screwed a ton of rappers over. No words yet on whether this is the same Mark Curry from Hangin' with Mr. Cooper. [P6]
  • Grumpy old gay person Elton John doesn't like it when you make jokes about him paying for things. He was at a restaurant in LA recently and Courteney Cox-Arquette and her husband, Dewey the Eight-Legged Freak, made a loud joke about John picking up their check. All the restaurant's celebrity guests (including Lurleen Lonely-and-Miserable herself, and Mick Jagger) chuckled. Elton John did not. Either because he's a jerk, or David Arquette isn't funny. It actually could be both. [P6]