As Seth Meyers pointed out on Saturday Night Live last night, Kellogg Company's image is closer to that of bong-smoking Olympian Michael Phelps than the cereal maker likes to admit.

Kellogg's Keebler Eleves, after all, "live together in a treehouse and do nothing all day but think of new things to put cheese on." (See clip above.)

The company already seems to regret slamming Phelps for his on-camera smoking, and is now claiming the toking had nothing to do with Kellogg's decision to let Phelps' endorsement deal expire.

Perhaps Kellogg's finally took a hard look at its own website, which illustrated all the munchies-relieving ways its products can be used:

Dessert Nachos

Meyers wasn't kidding, this is an actual recipe from the Kellogg's site, involving flour tortillas and "Smart Start" cereal. We doubt stoners would bother with all the finely-sliced fresh fruit, particularly when they could just add extra chocolate chips.

Gold Medal Sundae

Rice Krispies treats + ice cream + "gold medal" reference = perfect post-pipe snack for an Olympic-medallion-dappled swimmer.

Gummy Worm S'mores

There's a certain lazy genius at work here.

Apple Jacks Ice Cream Balls

Pretty much what the name implies, plus caramel sauce. Fast, delicious, and requiring very little eye-hand coordination.

Rice Krispies Treats Drumsticks

This involves peanut butter, Rice Krispies treats and Cocoa Krispies. Bonus points: the recipe could be easily adapted to include an actual fried-chicken drumstick in the center.

Runners-up: Cheez-It Surprise Soup, Krispy Ham Roll-Ups

Full video: SNL