Boston police arrested graffiti artist Shepard Fairey on his way into an event at the Institute for Contemporary Art, which is hosting an exhibit of his works, including his iconic Barack Obama "Hope" poster.

Fairey was set to DJ at a dance party held by the ICA. No big deal, he told the Boston Globe: He's been arrested 14 times. (For example, last October in Denver, on charges of vandalism.)

What's bizarre about the arrest: Police said Fairey had two warrants outstanding, though they didn't specify the crimes. Fairey has recently appeared in public with Boston Mayor Thomas Mennino to celebrate the ICA exhibit. So the police in Boston feel free to leave an accused criminal standing next to their mayor in broad daylight, and then decide to arrest him in front of a museum displaying the work their mayor just praised. It's not like Fairey's whereabouts have been a secret. Perhaps the timing of the arrest was meant to be dramatic. But doesn't it just make the police look incompetent?