Will Michelle Obama go to fashion week? Designers certainly hope so! And she certainly won't!

Next week marks the first fashion week of our grand new great depression, and the Obama presidency! So it's sure to be exciting, what with no one spending money on anything right now. All the big stars in the tents will be wearing sad black somber clothes, in honor of all the money that just died. And trashy celebries aren't invited! Just classy ones!

Which is why everyone's angling to get the First Lady to show up: she is America's classiest lady! (Some hold out hope that Dr. Jill Biden might come, too.)

Billy Norwich, writing in hilariously named old lady site WowOwoW, says basically every designer has invited Michelle, and Michelle has not yet made her intentions known. Which is hilarious because as much as everyone likes it when she dresses up and as good as her coverage has been, showing up for a damn Fashion Show while the world burns is not good PR. Just not at all.

And the first lady also happens to mention her love for, you know, cheapish clothes that regular women can afford pretty often, repping for J. Crew, not so much Marc Jacobs.

But hey, Ed Koch—who is oddly very concerned with this fashion week thing!—says it would be Good For America if Michelle went to the tents:

"She has great credibility and wants to do public service," Koch told Women's Wear Daily reporter Rosemary Feitelberg. "I can't think of anything that could create greater respect for her than this. People would look at her and say: ‘That's wonderful. I am going to do that, too,'" buying only things made in America. Koch further suggested that the government pay for the awareness program and come up with a trademark that could be sewn into garments and attached to products so consumers could more readily identify domestically made things.

"We do not have a tradition of buying American products - it's not jingoistic," Koch told WWD.

Hah, ok, Ed.