Barry Diller was on hand to introduce the The CollegeHumor Show (his IAC owns a stake in the mostly-online venture) at last night's launch party. He made old man jokes and did some fancy footwork.

The basically gay mogul was surrounded by a bunch of gurgling, drunken youngsters last night, so he acquitted himself the best way he knew how: by making light of his age during his little speech. Our brave commandant, Nick Denton, urged someone who was filming Diller's remarks to focus on his feet, stuffed lightly into loafers and doing some twinkly-toed tap-a-tap-a's. He's all business and old man gruff from the waist up, but downtown it's all a fabulous party.

We're not really sure why we're posting this other than it's funny that Nick successfully encouraged someone to film Barry Diller's feet for a minute or two.