OHHHHH GOOOOD, word has emerged of yet another recipient of Christian Bale's generous anger-gifting: trailblazing feminist hero Gloria Steinem!

At least, that's if Bale's turncoat former assistant Harrison Cheung is to be believed. His anecdotes helped fill out a truly insane biographical article of the star in the Mirror, which recounts how Bale's father treated him like a "boy king," then, after being cut off financially, railed against him in a tavern-set monologue that drew applause and tears. According to Cheung, though, Bale's new stepmother had it just as bad:

No one was immune from Bale's attacks, even his dad, who went on to marry Gloria Steinem. She was the feminist icon who coined the phrase "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle".

Cheung added: "Gloria liked to pontificate and was going on about something for ages at the dinner table one night. Christian suddenly let out a huge sigh and said, ‘For God's sake woman, shut up!'"

Look, Gloria, your opinion was fucking distracting Christian from reading his latest, McG-annotated Terminator: Salvation sides ("Was thinking maybe Bryce Dallas Howard turns into an exploding fireball at end of love scene, Y/N?"). You want him to come over there and fucking trash your feminist theory and Ms. magazine back isues? No, fuck, no!