Elisabeth Hasselbeck made a triumphant return to the lunacy-enabling pirate shirt (her favorite!) on today's The View, and you know what that means: crazy outburst time!

The ladies were discussing Ashley Judd's PSA that slams the aerial killing of wolves—as well as Sarah Palin, who enjoys that sort of hunting because what else is there to do in Alaska (they could really use a Pinkberry or a Color Me Mine!)? Abruptly, Hasselbeck attempted to wrench the conversation into odder, Bill Geddie-suggested waters: "Is [Judd] as loud about the 260,000 kids that are killed in abortions," she asked (though we enjoy her clear faltering when she realizes, "Yep, I'm really about to say this. Better commit to it!"). This went over poorly, to say the least, so Hasselbeck naturally sought to top herself by calling the entire panel "socialist." Phenomenal! Pirate shirt, we've missed you. Don't ever go away again.