1. Have you recently learned 6,575 new things about people courtesy of those '25 Things About Me' Facebook notes? 2. Yea, annoying right? 3. The trend pieces are here. 4. Hey it's a trend!

5. Surprising that it even took this long for the trend pieces on this to come out, right?
6. The NYT and Time both dropped their trend pieces on this today.
7. New York Observer? Hello? Slackers.
8. Time angle: '25 Things I didn't want to know about you.'
9. Example: "I can't grow hair on my arms."
10. Good one, Time. Just as trite and uncreative as Gawker.
11: Takeaway from the NYT story: if you are Facebook friends with a reporter, he will steal your shit and put it in an article. Deal with it.
12. The writer of the NYT story: Douglas Quenqua, who we made fun of last week for his story on Facebook unfriending.
13. Doug used to be my boss! He's really, honestly a good guy. All my friends are pricks, though.
14. Once when I was a kid I stuck a peanut up my nose. Is that crazy or what! I mean, crazy. Just think about all the things you don't know about me. I could go on and on.
15-24. Rah rah rah.
25. Fin.

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