Try not to get frustrated. Christian Bale may have yelled his way out of a gold statue, and Tom Cruise never stopped to think why those glib Brazilians weren't responding to his Spanish.

  • Christian Bale's on-set blow up will probably hurt his Oscar chances. If that director of photography thought he got a bad tongue lashing before, just wait until Bale loses an Academy Award on his account. [Scoop]
  • Tom Cruise doesn't understand why all these rude Brazilians just stare at him when he says "hola" and "gracias."In fact he's starting to think Brazil is the snootiest province in all of Mexico. [P6]
  • John Cleese on his former Monty Python pals: "One of them's alright - the little guy who does the very boring travel programmes (Michael Palin)... but the others are awful." [Daily Star]
  • In Hollywood, if you invite Paris Hilton to a civilized party, you have to grovel for forgiveness if she actually shows up. [P6]
  • Britney Spears' dad really wants the singer's former manager in jail, for drugging her. [Sun]
  • Lindsay Lohan does not ride in economy class. Well, she didn't, but things change. [Mirror]