It's been a long year for David Hauslaib and his Jossip blog empire. Now Hauslaib seems eager to exit his flagship site, running the "for sale" sign above atop

We're wondering what happened to Hauslaib's big plans. Just two months ago he told us, "we've got a few significant new things we're working on with Jossip and Queerty."

That came after Jossip Initiatives shut down Stereohyped and celebrity site Mollygood. Hauslaib was going to focus; apparently two sites was too many, and Hauslaib wants to devote all his energies to Queerty.

Good luck with that. Jossip the company was reportedly up for sale or investment back in March of 2008 and didn't seem to drum up any buyers. The economy hasn't gotten any better since then, particularly for media companies. So while we'd normally call a home page-topping banner like this one something along the lines of "desperate," in the context of this market and this industry, it may well be the strategy with the best odds of success.