Who's the lucky bride distracting 61-year-old billionaire New York owner Bruce Wasserstein from the troubles of the media business? She's Angela Chao, a politically connected 35-year-old shipping magnate.

Cityfile has the scoop on Chao: She's the sister of Bush's Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, a registered Republican, and an executive at her father James Chao's Foremost Group, a shipping and trade concern. (She attends a lot of trade conferences, like the one at which this less-than-flattering photo was taken.) She's smart: graduated Harvard in three years, then went to Harvard Business School, and worked in investment banking at Smith Barney. She seems lovely! So why did Wasserstein keep his wedding a secret? Was he worried about seeming like another weird old rich dude dating a younger Asian woman? Or was he worried that the Democratic politicians to whom he gives so much money wouldn't like hearing about her politics?