Steven Simkin, a partner at a big New York law firm, is suing his ex-wife, Laura Blank, for $2.7 million he paid in a divorce settlement for her half of a Bernie Madoff account.

Simkin, who divorced blank in 2002 but took two years to finalize a contentious settlement, ended up paying her $6.6 million in total. He kept the $5.4 million Madoff account. But he now contends that Blank should repay him $2.7 million, as he never would have paid her the money had he known the account would prove to be a worthless Ponzi scheme.

Let's get this straight: In 2004, Simkin insisted on keeping the account and paying Blank cash, rather than letting her share in any of the gains from Bernie Madoff's investing genius. Now that Madoff's been revealed as a fraud, he wants Blank to share the loss.

From the looks of this photo posted on Fame Game, Simkin has already made a new friend, Sharon Occhipinti. Surprising that he'd be stuck in the past when it comes to money.

(Photo by Alexandra Marvar via Fame Game)