Hey struggling New York actor who really, really doesn't want to move to the West Coast. Looks like you might have to. There aren't any TV pilots being filmed here anymore.

TV production in New York had been booming since a 2004 tax credit system went into effect, letting all manner of humble John and Jane Hollywood types film their nice little story projects here. But now the tax credits have all been used up, and the city's 5% tax break and "Made in NY" student meal plan (or whatever) card might not be enough.

The president of Silver Cup Studios, where shows like 30 Rock are filmed, says that they haven't booked a single new pilot this year. In contrast, 19 new programs were filmed in New York City last season. No word yet on what shows currently filming in the Big Crapple—like Ugly Betty, which recently relocated from Los Angeles (for that bright flashy authenticity!)—will do, but you can bet they're hoping the new budget out of Albany will renew the credit program.

If not, we may be looking at a bleaky, rainy TV future. Remember when, in about the mid-90's, everything on TV was gray and be-pine treed and stuff? It's cause it was all filming in Vancouver. I can't deal with any more bit players saying things like "abowwwt" or "lowwzee" (lousy). I really can't.