What's this—rumors of more magazine death at Conde Nast? We've had enough. It's time to act. Vote on which teetering Conde mag you want to save, and we'll buy ten subscriptions to the winner.

The New York Post's Page Six started the death watch at Allure and the New York Observer warned that this week may bring an end to "some of Condé's B titles." But before Si Newhouse dons his grim reaper robe, we want to give you the chance to vote on which magazine you'd hate to see go. We chose to leave off powerhouse titles like Vogue, Vanity Fair, and scarily thin New Yorker as well as less glamorous golf and bridal groups.

Voting will continue through noon tomorrow—before, we hope, any horrible closures are announced. After that, because Gawker cares, we will buy 10 subscriptions to the winning title which we'll give away later to you, the public, at some point, somehow. If the magazine still exists.

Help save one of these threatened, glossy treasures!

The Candidates

Portfolio: Has already had cutbacks, and still seems to be hemorrhaging money.

Allure: P6 says they could be the next mag to get shuttered; Conde already has Glamour, Vogue, and Self to appeal to the same audience.

Wired: Has never been a huge moneymaker, and has been especially thin lately.

Teen Vogue: Just about every other teen extension of an existing magazine has already folded.

Details: Conde already has GQ, a superior magazine for the same crowd.

Cookie: Was one of the company's top ad page gainers last year, but it's still a startup, and would be a lot easier to fold than a more established title.

Gourmet: Was a big ad page loser last year. And does Conde need two food magazines?

Bon Appetit: Was a big ad page loser last year. And does Conde need two food magazines?