Being a media mogul can get tiring. Could the news that New York magazine owner Bruce Wasserstein is marrying a younger woman signal a bit of loss of interest in his marriage to the magazine?

Wasserstein divorced his wife last summer and took up with "a young Asian beauty," presumably the same "younger Asian woman" that he secretly married two weeks ago.

Is this the start of a flagging dedication to the media? Arthur Carter, the longtime publisher of the New York Observer, fell prey to an outside hobby: he took up sculpture, got written up in the New Yorker for it, and a few years later let Jared Kushner buy the paper. He'd burned out.

So which is more fun for a billionaire like Wasserstein: dealing with angry staffers and shrinking budgets at New York, or cavorting with your new young bride on some private island? When the passion for the media game starts slipping, so does the focus, and before you know it, the big man gets tired of the whole mess. This economy could do that to anyone. Particularly a rich 61 year-old with a beautiful new wife and a magazine that can cause headaches. (And a natural glow). Just saying.