The fuzz thinks it arrested Poster Boy when it took Henry Matyjewicz into custody. But Poster Boy is bigger than one dude, maaan. Poster Boy is a MOVEMENT.

Or at least that's what Matyjewicz's friends told the New York Times.

“Poster Boy can be anybody," said Moni Pineda, one of the people behind the event where Matyjewicz was nabbed by the cops.

A guy named Henry — he could be any old random Henry, mind you! — phoned the Times and said Matyjewicz is part of, uh, basically an autonomous collective:

“Henry is one of many individuals who believe in the Poster Boy ‘movement,’ ” the man wrote later on Tuesday in an e-mail message, referring to Mr. Matyjewicz in the third person. “Henry’s part is to do legal artwork while propagating the ideas behind Poster Boy. That’s why it was O.K. for him to take the fall the other night.”He added, “Henry Matyjewicz is innocent.”

Interesting! But it would have be nice of the illegal portion of Poster Boy to do some signature pieces while Matyjewicz was at Rikers Island just to, you know, underline his innocence.

(Image by Poster Boy)