Those "TyGirlz" dolls named Sasha and Malia, the ones Michelle Obama viciously smeared as "inappropriate" (BURN!)? They're done. Gone forever. Finished. (Not exactly.)

Ty, Inc. maintained all along that the dolls had nothing to do with the First Family. Why are liberals so sensitive about two black dolls released together, within a week of the inauguration, that happen to be named the same as the president's daughters? Not everything is about your God/president, socialists. Sheesh.

But then Michelle Obama's people complained, and she's the most popular lady in the world right now, so Ty had to back off in some small way.

So it stopped selling the Sasha and Malia dolls. Now they're Sydney and Mariah. See? Totally different. Care to call off your attack dogs now, Obamas?

"We appreciate the company's response to this matter," said Mrs Obama's press secretary, Katie McCormick Lelyveld.

Of course, now the dolls will just be put on display under little hand-drawn signs that same "SAME AS FORBIDDEN SASHA/MALIA DOLLS." God help the store clerk on duty the first time Rahm Emanuel runs into one of those.