Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool News, desperate to be the fanboy in Christian Bale's good graces, has posted a vehement defense of the actor's crazed on-set rant. It was the DP's fault!

Knowles claims that the wicked cinematographer was "light tweaking," moving lights during the filming, which is a big no no on fancy movie sets. And Bale, well he was filming "the emotional center of the film and his character for the film." Right. The big, all-important emotional center of a film about evil killer future robots that is directed by a man named McG. (Also, it has the word "Terminator" in the title.) Thus the cinematographer, Shane Hurlbut (heh), deserved to be horribly berated at length for distracting the normally zen-like Bale. Hm.

We know that there are always two sides to every story, and they're not always fairly or equally represented, but come on. The proof is in the word pudding. Bale hurling off a string of fucks while calling someone else unprofessional is... lame. Even lamer is a blogger-type trying to ride the counterculture wave and suck up to this "coolest dude ever!!" of action stars by essentially saying "we know, the little people always get in the way, don't they?" Knowles says that he has inside information from the set that Bale was the "utmost gentleman" for the duration of the shoot. Until, you know, he said fuck eighteen times in thirty seconds.

Knowles later shut down comments on the site, because it really shouldn't be up for debate. This was a private, sad moment:

Can you imagine cameras documenting your every attempted private moment. This moment was something that occurred in the heat of a moment on set between professionals. The audio is so clear on Christian, that it's obvious a mike was on him or a foot and a half above him. These are the sorts of moments that are private affairs. Yet somehow, because he's an actor. We feel it's permissable to air his dirty laundry. It isn't our business. It isn't anybody's fucking business.

That ought to win you some free passes or some sweet merch, Harry!

Our favorite sentence in the little hand-wringing apologia has to be the explanation of how Knowles came across his insider info:

I know this because I happen to be somewhere where someone that was there that day and for the shoot is.